Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mathematics Videos

During this term the students have been pairing up to create some fantastic mathematics videos about the different strategies that we have been learning. Please check out what Quinn and Daniel have put together above.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Inter-school Final

On Wednesday we went to Saint Joseph's for our Inter-school rugby final. We had won all our games in the past, my dad is the coach of our team. The game started and we kicked off. It was tough as we had to tackle loads. We scored the first try but we missed the conversion. They came back really quickly, but we still were beating them just.

We all got tired after half time, that's when they really came back and were the scores were level. Time past by and we were still equal on points. Then time ran out and the game was over, but we had to keep on trying for the golden try.

After a few hard going tackles they snuck an intercept and they won the final. We all had a great time even though we lost.

By Liam

Inter-school Final


A Couple of weeks ago Oakura School went to inter-school finals. I was in the soccer team. Everyone was really nervous, including me!! There I was right midfield, feeling really nervous. Whhhhit goes the whistle and it started. They started off with the ball.

It was one all at full time so we had to go into over time. It was really nerve racking and then they scored another goal. :( and we lost. But at least we tried our best.

By Sasha

Calendar Art

At Oakura School we have been learning how  to make calendar art using lots of animals.The animals over lap each other which creates a fantastic affect. You colour one animal and leave the rest black and white.

Please come in and check them out next week.

By Matt

3D Models

Room 8’s 3D Models
The year 5 and 6 students are making 3D models to change the playground into something that they want it to be. Everyone has the choice of using different materials, one group even used lego for their 3D model. Everyone else used cardboard. Some people did skate ramps, ziplines, slides and other cool things. My partner and I did a climbing wall and a hampster wheel. We used paper, four sticks and some cardboard. I drew some climbing wall holds on the paper.

By Bede

Netball Prizegiving

Netball Prizegiving
This term we had netball prizegiving, I was in the stars team. The prizegiving was in the PC at Oakura School. There were two trophies, one for the best player and one for most improved. There was a range of teams from year 3s up to year 8s. I got best player and Hurona got most improved. We had an awesome time.

By Sienna

Netball prize giving
This term we had netball prizegiving. I was in the Rebels netball team with Susan Eager as my coach. There were two trophies for each team, one for most improved player, and one for the best player. We got a certificate each and a chocolate. The coaches gave out the trophies and I was so surprised when I found out that I won best player!

By Scarlett

Saturday, 22 July 2017


        Narrative stories

Over the term we have been writing a story about an adventure in the bush/forest. We had to do a first draft. After that we had to do a self assessment using the editor’s code, then we fixed our mistakes. Then we asked a peer to edit it. After that Mr Willson fixed and changed our writing. The next thing we did was write a second draft (re-writing it as neat as possible, as well as adding in extra things to enhance it, such as dialogue). Next we had to do a title page, mine was called The Tui Track adventure. They were super fun to do. We used colouring pencils, vivid , gel pens, felts and other pens. Then we had to type it up. After that we had to do an author's profile.

By Ranui


On Wednesday in week nine room  eight made lanterns with our buddy class, room four.

We started by drawing a border on a piece of coloured paper. Then we put stars that represented Matariki and flax on them. Finally, we listed a few facts about Matariki and Puanga on them.

By Hamish

Self Portraits

Self Portraits
Lately, Mrs Taylor has been coming into room eight for art lessons on Fridays. One of the main things we've been doing are our self portraits. We haven't finished them, but we have done the base coat for our paintings. All of them are unique in different ways. All of us are very proud of our art and most of us aren't finished so we hope to finish them in term 3.

We also would like to thank Mrs Taylor for spending time working on our art skills.

By Joanna



During this term we've been playing a whole lot of games at different schools for inter school. You could play netball, rugby, basketball, football or chess. I was in the netball A team, we played 2 games here and 2 away. Oakura played awesome! My team, along with the rugby and soccer teams got into the semi finals.

By Sienna Watson

Term 2 Mathematics Rotations

Math Rotations
One amazing day the fantastic teachers of years 5-6s
decided to invent math rotations.☺️

My favourite lesson was probably the QR code hunt. You have to go around the school to find QR codes and scan them. We learnt about proportions and ratios, also how to add fractions with different denominators.   

By Daniel Lewis

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Year 5 and 6 Rippa Team

The year 5 and 6 rippa team played 6 games at Yarrow Stadium and won the final. We now get to go on a plane and play in the national tournament in Wellington. We will also get to meet the All Blacks and stay in a hotel on the 17th - 19th September. We are all very excited and can not wait to go and meet the All Blacks. A big thanks to Mike (our awesome coach) for coaching us and for helping us to become fantastic rippa players.

By Ranui, Zach, and Elijah

Highland Dancing Competition

Highland Dancing Competition!
On Saturday the 6th of June I had a highland dancing competition. It was at the Oakura Hall.  My kilt is a light blue with a deep pink and has white squares and black lines on it. My jacket is also a deep pink and my socks match with my kilt. My hair was in a bun and I had makeup on.

First I did the fling. The music played and I began to dance. I made a mistake, but I kept going and finally the dance finished.

Next I did the sword. If you kick the sword, you probably won't get a medal. Luckily I didn't kick the sword.

Finally it was lunch. I got hot chips. Then I did the trophy fling. After that the dancing finished. They gave out the medals. For the fling I got third, for the sword I got second and for the trophy fling I came first. It was a great day and I had lots of fun!

By Rose Holmes

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mathematics Treasure Hunt

We had a seriously cool mathematics lesson this week. It involved the students participating in a QR code treasure hunt. They used clues to find the hidden QR codes and then used an iPad to scan the code and answer the question. The students worked in groups of 4, with all of them having to note down their working.

We may have to do another I think!

Coding Challenge

The students are currently looking into a coding challenge that encourages them to enter a competition that promotes the theme of cleaning up our oceans.

Check out more at:

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Seaside Market

On Sunday my family and I went to the seaside market.  When we got there, I went with my sister’s friend to the crystal stand, there I saw a lot of crystals. It was very hard to choose (it happens to me every time), but I decided on two. I chose one crystal that looks like a rock outside, but inside it really shows the crystal. The other one is a thin crystal slice with dark purple outside and inside it is see through zigzag shapes. When you turn it to the light, the dark purple turns into a dark pinkish colour (it all cost $16). After that I went to see the other stands. After I past a few stands I saw another crystal stand and in that crystal stand I saw Turquoise and Emerald. The Turquoise were really expensive, they cost $10 each, even though they were only half a cm long. The  Emeralds cost $415 because it was really big, and that was my day.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Brenda Ballinger Challenge Cup

 A big congratulations to Zach Phillips-Lim who came first in the year 5 and 6 Brenda Ballinger event.

Zach's comment
On Saturday 14th of May I went to the Brenda Ballinger running event and I came 1st. I am really proud of myself, but before the race I probably shouldn't have eaten so much.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Barrett Lagoon

On Tuesday we went to Barrett Lagoon. Our instructor was called Mr Archer.

First he showed us a Kawakawa tree. He told us about how Maori used to use its leaves to numb their teeth when they had a toothache. Some of us tried it, I did and it was disgusting.

After that he took us through a bush walk, then he showed us a tui in a Kauri tree. Finally we arrived at the lagoon where there were lots of ducks and black swans. Sadly, there was a duck with a dart in it. Mrs Zieltjes called the SPCA to come and save the poor little duck, but they couldn’t catch it. He also showed us a lot of plants.

By Ranui Rodger      

Welcome Back

It sounds like the students had a fantastic time in the school holidays. It is great to see them refreshed, full of energy, and raring to go. We have a wonderful term of learning ahead, as well as plenty of exciting events to look forward to. As always, if you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to email me at

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Coastal Athletics Day

Athletics Day
On Thursday we went to Okato for our athletics day. The first thing that we did was discus. After that we did high jump, then we did the 100m race. Next we did long jump. Finally we did what I was waiting for, the 200m race. It was  very fun, but I didn’t come first, which was really embarrassing. However it was still fun to race. It was a really fun day and I loved it!

By Adi Carmi

PS - I have also written a copy of my story in Hebrew below.

Sailing Weekend In Picton

Sailing Weekend In Picton

On an early Friday morning my dad and I set out for a long journey down to the South Island for the Picton Interislander sailing regatta.

We stayed at a top 10 Holiday park. We were placed in a tiny cabin that only had 2 bunk beds in it and no toilets, sink or shower. However it did have a kettle that we used to keep our water in.

There were two days of racing and on the first day there was barely any wind, which made it frustrating for a tall boy like me in an optimist. There were about 40 boats racing. My best place in a race that day was 2nd, but I did get a 12th as well.

The second day had a bit more breeze in the morning, but it picked up a lot
near midday. We all set out with a smile on our faces...I did pretty well that day. I got a 2nd, 4th, and 10th.

While my dad was kindly unrigging my boat, I ran to check the score sheet. As I walked back to him, I saw him and pulled up three fingers. Then I lept at him for a huge hug. We both shouted, “3rd place, 3rd place, 3RD PLACE!!!” Later that day Dad cooked some fish, lamb and bacon on the BBQ. Then I took a dip in the pool  to cool off.

By the way I got a bronze medal for coming 3rd and a gold medal for coming 1st in the 11 year olds.

What fun I had with my dad in Picton!

By Jack Parr

WOMAD 2017

On Saturday the 18th of March I went to WOMAD. We went with our cousins, my aunty and of course our nana came too. When we got there, we went straight to the crystals shop. They had such big and really cool crystals there. I got an amethyst and I got this amazing bluish whitish crystal which was really cool. Then I got a mako shark tooth from the same shop. After that we went to the food shops. When we went out of the crystals shop, we went to go get some food. We all got butter chicken with rice and naan bread. It’s a type of Indian food, it’s delicious. Then we went to the main stage to watch the concert that was on.

By Sasha

Saturday, 18 March 2017


A little while ago my dad went diving down by the port and got an enormous crayfish. We took it to school as a surprise and showed it to my classroom. It was squished into a small container.

When everyone  saw my brother Jack bring in the container they really wondered what was in it, and of course it was a crayfish! We called him Geoffrey.  

By Laura

Pukeiti Gardens

Pukeiti Gardens
On Friday the 10th of March we want to Pukeiti Gardens. Next we learnt about creepy crawlies and plants. After that we went and played some games. The first game was to try and jump 4.5m. Later we played a game that was called dung beetle war. Later we went to do a rainforest walk, it was really fun. I was excited to see a water wheel and a big rata tree. There was a hole in the rata that a child could fit through. It was really fun to go in and go out, but it was a bit sad that we only had one turn. Soon we met a tree with fluffy leaves. It was so nice to feel them. After the rainforest walk, we had lunch and a bit of a play. Then we want on the bus. When we got back from Pukeiti Gardens to school, we played a little game of rush. It was a fun day.

By Adi Carmi

School Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports
On Thursday our class went to the Okato pool. Before then we were told to write in vivid the event numbers that we wanted to race in. Then we were told to write our houses down. There was a green house, a blue house, a red house, and a gold house. After that we were told to write our year level as well as a b for boy and g for girl.

Soon we were at Okato pool then the races began. I was in numbers 3, 6, and 8. Number 3 was to dive in and do a freestyle width, I came 2nd. Number 6 was 25m breaststroke, I came 2nd too. Number 8 was 25m backstroke, I came 4th.

Then we went on the bus back to school. At school we had spent 10 minutes on the computer then we had to go home. Oh! What a fun day.

By Adi Carmi

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Beach Clean Up

On Monday we went to the beach to clean up. When we walked down the beach, it started raining. It got stronger and stronger and then it stopped. Then there were puddles and they were really fun to jump up and down in.

Then we ended up at Corbett Park and we had lunch. Then Ms Hepworth called room 8 to go to the river for a swim and after that we went to eat sausages.

Oh! What a fun day!

By Adi Carmi


On Wednesday our class walked down to the main road to watch Americarna. On the walk we had to wait for the juniors to go down and we tagged along behind them. The concrete was steaming hot! My feet nearly fell off and I  was getting angry with the slow people. When we got down there, the Americarna cars revved into my brain and I got so excited. I heard a really cool horn and the car that had that horn was not what I expected. It was flash and funny. The  weather was not cool at all. I was a chicken on a barbeque. A lot of people had  to move under the shade, but I didn’t  really want to because I wouldn’t have a good view of the cars. One of my favourite vehicles that I saw was an old school bus. I was amazed to see it because I always told my dad that I wanted to see one of those school buses. The other cars that were my favourite  were a mint dodge and a mustang. I had such a great time watching the revving cars go past.

By Liam

We walked down to the crossing and the class sat down.The first car raced past the class. It was mind blowing.The second car that went past was a corvette stingray. The driver revved his engine hard.Then the third car went past and honked his horn bbbbbbbbb, then drove off.Then one more car went past and revved its engine, which made my hair stand on end.

It was so hot that my feet were melting.They were burning like mexican hot sauce on my tongue.

Then we walked back to the class. Mr Willson snuck in and unlocked the door. The air conditioning was on and it felt so nice that I almost fainted

By Quinn James

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Highland Dancing

A couple of weeks ago I had my highland dancing exam. I  got 2 certificates congratulating me on my exam, as well as a medal and a badge. We had to do many things including the  fling; a traditional dance. My examiner came all the way from Scotland to assess me. My highland dancing teacher is called Morgan Bamford who is a world champion. My dream is to become a world champion as well.

By Ranui Rodger

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

We are all connected

Today in class we completed an introductory activity that showed us that we are all connected. One student started us off by holding the start of a bundle of wool and stating something about themselves. This would then lead to another student connecting with what they had said and the bundle of wool was past on.

Welcome Back

I hope everybody has had a fantastic time over the summer holidays. We have a great bunch of students in Room 8 this year who have made a wonderful start to the school year. Thank you for making sure that your child came with all of their stationery on day 1, it really means that we can hit the ground running.

Please feel free to pop into the classroom or email me at if you would like to discuss anything relating to your child's education.