Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mathematics Videos

During this term the students have been pairing up to create some fantastic mathematics videos about the different strategies that we have been learning. Please check out what Quinn and Daniel have put together above.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Inter-school Final

On Wednesday we went to Saint Joseph's for our Inter-school rugby final. We had won all our games in the past, my dad is the coach of our team. The game started and we kicked off. It was tough as we had to tackle loads. We scored the first try but we missed the conversion. They came back really quickly, but we still were beating them just.

We all got tired after half time, that's when they really came back and were the scores were level. Time past by and we were still equal on points. Then time ran out and the game was over, but we had to keep on trying for the golden try.

After a few hard going tackles they snuck an intercept and they won the final. We all had a great time even though we lost.

By Liam

Inter-school Final


A Couple of weeks ago Oakura School went to inter-school finals. I was in the soccer team. Everyone was really nervous, including me!! There I was right midfield, feeling really nervous. Whhhhit goes the whistle and it started. They started off with the ball.

It was one all at full time so we had to go into over time. It was really nerve racking and then they scored another goal. :( and we lost. But at least we tried our best.

By Sasha

Calendar Art

At Oakura School we have been learning how  to make calendar art using lots of animals.The animals over lap each other which creates a fantastic affect. You colour one animal and leave the rest black and white.

Please come in and check them out next week.

By Matt

3D Models

Room 8’s 3D Models
The year 5 and 6 students are making 3D models to change the playground into something that they want it to be. Everyone has the choice of using different materials, one group even used lego for their 3D model. Everyone else used cardboard. Some people did skate ramps, ziplines, slides and other cool things. My partner and I did a climbing wall and a hampster wheel. We used paper, four sticks and some cardboard. I drew some climbing wall holds on the paper.

By Bede

Netball Prizegiving

Netball Prizegiving
This term we had netball prizegiving, I was in the stars team. The prizegiving was in the PC at Oakura School. There were two trophies, one for the best player and one for most improved. There was a range of teams from year 3s up to year 8s. I got best player and Hurona got most improved. We had an awesome time.

By Sienna

Netball prize giving
This term we had netball prizegiving. I was in the Rebels netball team with Susan Eager as my coach. There were two trophies for each team, one for most improved player, and one for the best player. We got a certificate each and a chocolate. The coaches gave out the trophies and I was so surprised when I found out that I won best player!

By Scarlett

Saturday, 22 July 2017


        Narrative stories

Over the term we have been writing a story about an adventure in the bush/forest. We had to do a first draft. After that we had to do a self assessment using the editor’s code, then we fixed our mistakes. Then we asked a peer to edit it. After that Mr Willson fixed and changed our writing. The next thing we did was write a second draft (re-writing it as neat as possible, as well as adding in extra things to enhance it, such as dialogue). Next we had to do a title page, mine was called The Tui Track adventure. They were super fun to do. We used colouring pencils, vivid , gel pens, felts and other pens. Then we had to type it up. After that we had to do an author's profile.

By Ranui