Saturday, 22 July 2017


        Narrative stories

Over the term we have been writing a story about an adventure in the bush/forest. We had to do a first draft. After that we had to do a self assessment using the editor’s code, then we fixed our mistakes. Then we asked a peer to edit it. After that Mr Willson fixed and changed our writing. The next thing we did was write a second draft (re-writing it as neat as possible, as well as adding in extra things to enhance it, such as dialogue). Next we had to do a title page, mine was called The Tui Track adventure. They were super fun to do. We used colouring pencils, vivid , gel pens, felts and other pens. Then we had to type it up. After that we had to do an author's profile.

By Ranui


On Wednesday in week nine room  eight made lanterns with our buddy class, room four.

We started by drawing a border on a piece of coloured paper. Then we put stars that represented Matariki and flax on them. Finally, we listed a few facts about Matariki and Puanga on them.

By Hamish

Self Portraits

Self Portraits
Lately, Mrs Taylor has been coming into room eight for art lessons on Fridays. One of the main things we've been doing are our self portraits. We haven't finished them, but we have done the base coat for our paintings. All of them are unique in different ways. All of us are very proud of our art and most of us aren't finished so we hope to finish them in term 3.

We also would like to thank Mrs Taylor for spending time working on our art skills.

By Joanna



During this term we've been playing a whole lot of games at different schools for inter school. You could play netball, rugby, basketball, football or chess. I was in the netball A team, we played 2 games here and 2 away. Oakura played awesome! My team, along with the rugby and soccer teams got into the semi finals.

By Sienna Watson

Term 2 Mathematics Rotations

Math Rotations
One amazing day the fantastic teachers of years 5-6s
decided to invent math rotations.☺️

My favourite lesson was probably the QR code hunt. You have to go around the school to find QR codes and scan them. We learnt about proportions and ratios, also how to add fractions with different denominators.   

By Daniel Lewis

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Year 5 and 6 Rippa Team

The year 5 and 6 rippa team played 6 games at Yarrow Stadium and won the final. We now get to go on a plane and play in the national tournament in Wellington. We will also get to meet the All Blacks and stay in a hotel on the 17th - 19th September. We are all very excited and can not wait to go and meet the All Blacks. A big thanks to Mike (our awesome coach) for coaching us and for helping us to become fantastic rippa players.

By Ranui, Zach, and Elijah

Highland Dancing Competition

Highland Dancing Competition!
On Saturday the 6th of June I had a highland dancing competition. It was at the Oakura Hall.  My kilt is a light blue with a deep pink and has white squares and black lines on it. My jacket is also a deep pink and my socks match with my kilt. My hair was in a bun and I had makeup on.

First I did the fling. The music played and I began to dance. I made a mistake, but I kept going and finally the dance finished.

Next I did the sword. If you kick the sword, you probably won't get a medal. Luckily I didn't kick the sword.

Finally it was lunch. I got hot chips. Then I did the trophy fling. After that the dancing finished. They gave out the medals. For the fling I got third, for the sword I got second and for the trophy fling I came first. It was a great day and I had lots of fun!

By Rose Holmes