Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Year 5 and 6 Rippa Team

The year 5 and 6 rippa team played 6 games at Yarrow Stadium and won the final. We now get to go on a plane and play in the national tournament in Wellington. We will also get to meet the All Blacks and stay in a hotel on the 17th - 19th September. We are all very excited and can not wait to go and meet the All Blacks. A big thanks to Mike (our awesome coach) for coaching us and for helping us to become fantastic rippa players.

By Ranui, Zach, and Elijah

Highland Dancing Competition

Highland Dancing Competition!
On Saturday the 6th of June I had a highland dancing competition. It was at the Oakura Hall.  My kilt is a light blue with a deep pink and has white squares and black lines on it. My jacket is also a deep pink and my socks match with my kilt. My hair was in a bun and I had makeup on.

First I did the fling. The music played and I began to dance. I made a mistake, but I kept going and finally the dance finished.

Next I did the sword. If you kick the sword, you probably won't get a medal. Luckily I didn't kick the sword.

Finally it was lunch. I got hot chips. Then I did the trophy fling. After that the dancing finished. They gave out the medals. For the fling I got third, for the sword I got second and for the trophy fling I came first. It was a great day and I had lots of fun!

By Rose Holmes

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mathematics Treasure Hunt

We had a seriously cool mathematics lesson this week. It involved the students participating in a QR code treasure hunt. They used clues to find the hidden QR codes and then used an iPad to scan the code and answer the question. The students worked in groups of 4, with all of them having to note down their working.

We may have to do another I think!

Coding Challenge

The students are currently looking into a coding challenge that encourages them to enter a competition that promotes the theme of cleaning up our oceans.

Check out more at:

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Seaside Market

On Sunday my family and I went to the seaside market.  When we got there, I went with my sister’s friend to the crystal stand, there I saw a lot of crystals. It was very hard to choose (it happens to me every time), but I decided on two. I chose one crystal that looks like a rock outside, but inside it really shows the crystal. The other one is a thin crystal slice with dark purple outside and inside it is see through zigzag shapes. When you turn it to the light, the dark purple turns into a dark pinkish colour (it all cost $16). After that I went to see the other stands. After I past a few stands I saw another crystal stand and in that crystal stand I saw Turquoise and Emerald. The Turquoise were really expensive, they cost $10 each, even though they were only half a cm long. The  Emeralds cost $415 because it was really big, and that was my day.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Brenda Ballinger Challenge Cup

 A big congratulations to Zach Phillips-Lim who came first in the year 5 and 6 Brenda Ballinger event.

Zach's comment
On Saturday 14th of May I went to the Brenda Ballinger running event and I came 1st. I am really proud of myself, but before the race I probably shouldn't have eaten so much.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Barrett Lagoon

On Tuesday we went to Barrett Lagoon. Our instructor was called Mr Archer.

First he showed us a Kawakawa tree. He told us about how Maori used to use its leaves to numb their teeth when they had a toothache. Some of us tried it, I did and it was disgusting.

After that he took us through a bush walk, then he showed us a tui in a Kauri tree. Finally we arrived at the lagoon where there were lots of ducks and black swans. Sadly, there was a duck with a dart in it. Mrs Zieltjes called the SPCA to come and save the poor little duck, but they couldn’t catch it. He also showed us a lot of plants.

By Ranui Rodger